Monday, October 13, 2008

Build, baby, build

I needed to articulate the paradigm shift that would allow me to fully leverage social networking, collaboration, and rapid prototyping.

I got some serious help from this article:

While it’s always a good thing to get a different vantage point on a problem – especially one that can empower and enable – this viewpoint gave me much food for thought. After considering it for a few days I’ve reached these conclusions:

  • Controlling all aspects of the design = reduced scope
  • Comprehending all object/system inter-relationships = linear hierarchies
  • Designing complete feature set = mediocre interfaces

It is the small, targeted features (or applets) rapidly prototyped with the collaboration of users and engineering that provide building blocks for further iteration and development. While I’ve known this for a while this is the first time I’ve articulated it clearly.

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