Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My new favorite thing

The first time I used it I was skeptical.  Since I only signed up because I wanted to checkout their AIR app I really couldn’t do much with it – no I knew was using it – so I went onto other things.  This was March, 2008.

I went back last month.  Why was that?  I can’t remember why.  Somehow I found some people I knew there – not friends from high school (unlike the Facebook experience) but some highly respected colleagues from a previous company.  I enjoyed their tweets.  They were intimate but also public.  I felt as though I was getting updates of a more personal kind but not just about leaving work and picking up animals from the vet or eating lunch.  Work related subjects came up, along with links pointing me to new information.  And even better I was able to find other people and, without having to read a huge profile (like LinkedIn, like Facebook) I could decide if that person was observing things I found interesting.

The first few weeks I found myself circling certain networks – HCM software professionals, Obama supporters, designers, Itsy sellers.  I began to notice trends in things people were posting.  What could be better than news events (in a very news-worthy period) interlaced with suggestions for music, statements about the commute and links to Flixr albums? 

I don't have to change hats to use Twitter.  My multi-layer interests can all be supported, at once, in one place. 

Love it. 

Eventually I'll want to do something with Twitter, integrate it into something, use the data for something, but for now I’m just enjoying it.  Haven’t had that experience with a piece of software since Genius came out. Ha!

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